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Infoterra provides operational products and services across the entire geo-information spectrum –
data acquisition and processing, imagery analysis and interpretation, hosting and delivery of large
datasets, as well as offering GIS development and consultancy. Infoterra is committed to pioneering
the advancement of Earth observation through continuous investment in research and development,
and has established a leading role in GMES, the European Global Monitoring for Environment and
Security initiative. To compliment the range of services developed by enthusiastic and innovative
teams based in the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Hungary, Infoterra has established an
extensive partner network covering the five continents to support our customers around the globe.
To find out more about Infoterra visit our profile page or download our brochure at

Since 1982, Autodesk has ushered in state-of-the-art 2D and 3D technologies that let customers
visualize, simulate, and analyze the real-world performance of their ideas early in the design process.
This gives our customers the flexibility to optimize and improve designs before actually executing
them. Autodesk customers not only see, but experience, their designs before they are real
empowering them to save time and money, improve quality, and foster innovation
For more information about AUTODESK, please visit

TUTTLE Publishing
Tuttle Publishing, which includes Tuttle, Periplus Editions, and Journey Editions, was founded by
Charles E. Tuttle (1915 - 1993) in Tokyo in 1948. His mission was to publish "books to span the East
and West." In the early 1950s the company began publishing a large number of titles on Japanese
language, arts and culture. Through a consistent emphasis on unsurpassed quality, Charles E. Tuttle
was named "Publisher of the Year" by the American Publishers’ Association in 1971. In 1983 he was
awarded the Order of the Sacred Treasure by the Emperor of Japan for his services to Japanese-
American understanding. Charles Tuttle understood that language studies would be the key to
improving understanding between Japan and the West, and he was one of the earliest and most
active publishers of books to teach Japanese to Western readers, and English to the Japanese. Many
of the books published by him received awards from the Japanese government and recognition in the
U.S. for their role in facilitating cross cultural understanding. Charles Tuttle died in 1993, but his spirit
lives on in the companies that now comprise Tuttle Publishing.

Eric Oey, a cousin of Charles E. Tuttle, founded Periplus Editions in 1988 in Berkeley, California and
merged the two companies in 1996. With offices in Boston, Rutland, Vermont, Singapore, Tokyo, and
Jakarta, Tuttle Publishing has become the largest English-language book publishing and distribution
company in Asia. The editorial, sales, and marketing offices of Tuttle Publishing are based in Boston.
For more information about Tuttle publishing, please visit :

PMM (Project Management and Mapping AS)
PMM is a Norwegian company supplying consultancy services within mapping and cadastre. PMM
has in September 2005 finished the Croatian-Norwegian GeoInformation Project (CRONO GIP) which
may serve as an example of PMM spread of services:
- Implementation of a spatial database server.
- Development of exchange format for topographic and cadastre information (GML).
- Development of product specifications for topographic data and orthophotos.
- Development of a quality control systems based on ISO/TC 211 principles for topographic data and
- Development of Quality Assurance System.
- Development of invitation for bids for upgrading of topographic data, GIS implementations etc.
For more information about PMM, please visit:

Terratec is a Norwegian mapping company that has 2 offices located in Lysaker (close to Oslo) and
Trondheim. With about 25 employees, the company has become the leader in Norwegian mapping
industry. Terratec was established in 2004 as an employee owned cartographic company. The areas
of experties are: surveying, aerial photography, photogrammetric mapping and aerial data acquisition
from fixed wing aircrafts and halicopters. The Terratec main office is in Oslo and photogrammetric
department is located in Trondheim. Because of Terratec's competence in the use of advance
technology, they have developed effective production methods that give them a high level of
proficiency allowing Terratec to not only serve their customers' needs there in Norway, but also
cartographic market around the world. Terratec is the first company in Norway to successfully
implement digital aerial photography. Approximately 9,000 km square were digitally photographed
during our 2004 aerial photo season. As a result they have gained valuable experience and
competence in digital aerial survey techniques. Considering the introduction of this new technology
requires total commitment. As a result they have invested vast amounts of time and energy in
acquiring the necessary software and hardware required for processing large volumes of photo data.  
For more information about Terratec, please visit:
"Where you can find the best Mapping, Surveying, and GIS"
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