PT. NARCON's management
The new PT. NARCON consists of professional people that are capable of doing professional work for
you. In the managerial level, PT. NARCON has at least 5 managers that have more than 7 years
working experience in the mapping field.

PT. NARCON's organization structure consists of three different crucial departments that support all of
the activities in a professional ways. Those three different departments are as follow:
Marketing and HRD
Information Technology (IT) and production
Administration and legal affairs
Agus Kusnadi (Production Manager),
He has more than 20 years experience in mapping industries.
He has been working for the company for about 19 years. His
contribution is very big for the company. Dealing with networks
and software are his favorite daily activity. His skill in operating
software is enormous with GINIS, CAD application, and so
forth. He solved every network problem brilliantly. Through the
learning process, he has become the most advance operator
in this company.
Cendi Saptadjaja (Production Manager Coordinator),
He has more than 20 years of experience in mapping
industries. He has been working for the company for more than
3 years. He has contributed a lot of brand new ideas to the
company. His contribution to the company is not limited only to
marketing field, but in a production line he has helped other
managers in solving some problems. His ability in calculating
using mathematical logical has made him solving some
problems faster than others.
"Where you can find the best Mapping, Surveying, and GIS"
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Subagio (IT Manager / Administrator),
He has more than 15 years experience in mapping industries.
He has been working for the company for more than 10 years.
His experience in managing ORACLE or any other Database
system is flawless. His knowledge about any other mapping
processing tools is also excellent. We are very fortunate to have
him running and managing the systems to be able to work very
well at our Production Facility in Bandung.
These are several personnel of PT. NARCON from different Departments:
Ady Ruchiatan (Marketing Director),
Graduated from National Institute of Technology, Bandung majoring Civil
Engineering in 1999. Then he continued to obtain his Masters Degree in
Technology Management, Computer Information System, and
Telecommunication at the University of Denver.
He worked for Panda Express General Manager for about six months in the
beginning of 2004. He came back to Indonesia in the end of 2004 and
joined PT. NARCON as a Marketing Staff. He gained more trust from the
company in 2006 as a Senor Marketing Manager. In 2007, he has managed
to get the Marketing Director position at the company.