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Our range of original software such as Intergraph (SSK), GINIS, AutoCAD
applications, ERMapper, Corel applications, various of OS (Operating
Systems), MapInfo, and still many more, could fulfill your demand in
resulting every product you need.
Equipped by the latest technology available, our hardware could boost
the productivity and performance so that you would not be worried about
on time project finalization.
Our network engineers have made a robust networking system so that
the bandwith data transfer is more than enough to do the mapping work.
With all kind of the backup system available, you could choose what is
the best for your need without having too much consideration of what
kind of backup would you like to choose. That shows that we are very
concern about our clients' needs.
Equipped by high resolution with large
screen monitors, our systems are very
comfortable to use for making mapping
projects. The use of high resolution scanner
for photogrammetry is very important, that is
why we do not hesitate to invest in the latest
hardware available in the market.
Besides our range of high-end equipments
(software and hardware) we employ the
best quality of staffs too to handle those
systems. It would be meaningless if the
best equipments are not supported by the
best staffs. Combining both aspects will
make our products results become the best
quality available in the market.
Our product results are varies to suit your
needs, that is why the use of variety range
of software is very important to answer
your demands. We are trying to provide a
broad range of software so that you can
choose what will be the end result of your
We also do any product's conversion, for
example, if you would like your. dwg files to
be converted to another files, we will
definitely try to fulfill it. Our IT manager will
give you some more explanations if there
is any technical questions arise from your
"Where you can find the best Mapping, Surveying, and GIS"
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