PT. NARCON (Nusantara Agung Raya Consultant)
Our mission
PT. NARCON has committed to serving its clients, and partners with the best quality products and
services. As the first company in South East Asia that investing the SSK (Stereo Soft-copy Kit) from Z/I
Imaging in 1992, it showed that PT. NARCON will always keep up with newest mapping technology
available in the market.

Our goal
Our goal is to become a company that can give solutions and answers to inquiries and demands that
are addressed to us. We are very proud that our team consists of professionals and experts that, in
average, have more than 15 years of experience in mapping industries. We are also planning to
expand our business not only in the mapping area, but also in every other aspects related to it such
as civil construction, environment analysis, area planning and consultation, and so forth.

PT. NARCON's clients and partners have chosen us because:
Our products are simply the best in every aspect.
We have been in business for over 30 years.
We guarantee on-time products delivery.
We use highest quality control on our products.
We have wide range of customers: our clients and partners range from education, private,
and government institutions both foreigns and locals.
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PT. NARCON's overview
We have produced the best quality range of maps in different scales that are used for building
infrastructures, site planning, site forecasting, site consultation, education purposes, and so forth. We
also have had several big projects cooperating with the foreign and local companies such as Digital
Mapping project with BAKOSURTANAL (Badan Koordinasi Survey dan Pemetaan Nasional), the
Indonesian Mapping Agency.
PT. NARCON's involvement
PT. NARCON is very active in participating in local or international organizations. For example, PT.
NARCON is a member of the ASEAN FLAG,  APSPI, and so forth. PT. NARCON always participates in
a congress, such as Map Asia, FIG, and GIS society.
"Where you can find the best Mapping, Surveying, and GIS"
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Authorized Distributors
PT. NARCON is currently becoming the authorized distributor for these following products:
Through hosting these products, PT. NARCON really shows its commitments in order to expand in
this very potential business market.