PT. NARCON is established in 1973. The company has contributed a lot of positive changing in
Indonesian mapping industries. PT. NARCON has many clients and partners ranging from education,
private, and government institutions. For more information, please browse all of the pages in our
Website. Thank you.
PT. NARCON has invested in many new ways and technologies to keep up within this competitive
environment providing products and services to the clients and partners. For example, PT. NARCON
is the first mapping company in South East Asia using the SSK from Z/I Imaging corporation. PT.
NARCON is also equipped with the latest software and hardware to fulfill every client and partner's
With about 40 employees, now PT. NARCON is establishing itself and more ready in competing in a
very tight mapping industries' competition. PT. NARCON always has new technologies beside
qualified employees to answer all of inquiries from its clients. PT. NARCON is committed to serving its
clients with the best quality and on-time product delivery results. PT. NARCON has the best of human
resources available especially in mapping industry supporting the company beside our range of
complete equipments that are ready to use for implementation.   
PT. NARCON has 2 offices in Indonesia: in Jakarta and in Bandung. Both offices are located in West
Java. The office in Jakarta is located close to Jl. Fatmawati and Sudirman area, Jakarta Selatan. The
location is very strategic because it is just only minutes away to Kuningan area whereas a lot of
businesses are concentrated there. The office in Bandung is considered spacious with 1000 square
meter office equipped with most recent technologies. It is located on Jl. P.H.H Mustafa, also known as
Jl. Suci. The public transportation access are available easily from any direction to reach the office.
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